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Swimming by yourself can raise an important question – how do I improve my swimming? Without a coach, there is nobody there to comment on your technique or to give you feedback and tips on how to improve. But that’s all in the past with the <... read on »

We've developed a new type of water. We’ve added helium particles to the water which increases the buoyancy of the water. The helium in the water therefor gives the swimmer a bit of a lift, which increases the body position of the swimmer.... read on »

Professional swimmers sometimes spend more time on their warm-up routine than on the actual workout, especially when they warm up for a race. A proper warm-up for pro swimmers can be up to 2000 meters and includes speed builds, technique drills and kicki... read on »

Whether that’s swimming among sea turtles, biking through lava fields, or running up beautiful mountains there is no other sport that can bring you the experiences, adventures and sceneries that triathlon can bring you. Many races have emerged... read on »

We probably all know the feeling: at the end of your swim workout you feel tired and your technique is slipping away. Very common, but something to watch since swimming with bad technique can cause injuries and can stagnate your progress. Therefore we ha... read on »


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