Take your training to the next level with SwimGym personal coaching, wherever you are. Start with an online intake and stroke analysis, followed by setting up a customised training plan to achieve your goals.

swimgym personal coaching

Take your triathlon or open water preparation to the next level. Get personal guidance and follow a tailor-made program with weekly training schedules and online coach feedback. 


Prices may vary depending on your requirements and personal needs. An active online subscription is required. You must be able to swim at least 200 freestyle to qualify for our personal coaching plans, which are offered through TrainingPeaks.

STEP 1: Consult Personal Coaching  €129,-

This includes a technical analysis of your swimming through the SwimGym Analyser followed by an e-consultation with one of our SwimGym coaches. In this e-consultation we will discuss your requirements and what we can offer you.

STEP 2: Personal Coaching Plan  €199,-/month

Following the first e-consultation, we will create a personalised coaching program in TrainingPeaks, for a minimum of three months, based on your needs and goals. This includes a monthly e-consultation plus training plans for swimming, to be combined with running and cycling. Adjustments can be made. 

Step 1 and 2 are a combined packaged deal to start your personal coaching.


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