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Freestyle Basics

In this 10-week course you will work on the basics of the freestyle technique. Learn how and when to breathe, how to stay streamlined in the water and how to swim freestyle efficiently. We practise this step-by-step to get great results.

Level: intermediate and novice


In this course we focus on the freestyle breathing technique. The goal is to make you feel much more relaxed when swimming freestyle. We will work on things like exhalation, the head position and bilateral breathing. 

Level: novice, intermediate, advanced, and pro


In this course you will learn to swim breaststroke fast! You do this by optimising the propulsion of the pull and kick. Of all strokes, breaststroke is technically the most challenging stroke. We focus on reducing drag so you will more efficient, and therefore swim faster.

Level: novice, intermediate, advanced, and pro

Freestyle Catch

In this course we will work on reducing resistance and improve your feel for the water. Top level swimmers are able to minimise their resistance and maximise their propulsion. With propulsion we mean your drive and push forward. This starts with the catch, then to the pull-through to a strong push. 

Level: intermediate, advanced, and pro

Body Position

In this course we will work on improving your body position. Since the density of water is almost 800 times the density of air, we want to minimise our resistance in the water. Therefore, a high and horizontal body line is crucial for efficient and fast swimming. You want your head, hips, legs and feet to be in one line.

Level: novice, intermediate, advanced, and pro


In this 6-week course we will help you with a step-by-step approach to master the butterfly. It is a hard stroke to just try all at once, so we break it down into easy steps, to put it all together again at the end of the course. Swimming butterfly cannot be done on pure strength, the technique of the kick and pull and the timing are crucial when learning how to fly. 

Level: novice, intermediate, advanced, and pro

Freestyle Flipturn

In this course we help you to be able to do a flipturn. This course is done step-by-step, starting from scratch to a complete flipturn. Being able to do a flipturn will save you around 2 seconds on each turn, which makes you much faster over longer distances. 

Level: novice, intermediate, advanced, and pro

Arm Recovery

In this course we'll work on your freestyle arm recovery. You want to have a "high elbow" recovery, which means your elbow leads your recovery. A smooth and relaxed recovery will make your stroke more efficient, will keep your body high and horizontal in the water, while also having a good hand entry and can also help prevent injuries. Win-win-win!

Level: novice, intermediate, advanced, and pro

Stroke Timing

In this course we work on the freestyle timing. The timing of your freestyle is an important factor of the stroke. With timing we mean the timing of your breath and when you start the catch for the next pull-through. This is crucial for your body positioning in the water, your arm recovery and for your breathing. 

Level: intermediate, advanced, and pro


In this 4-week course we will work on the backstroke. We will guide you with a step-by-step plan. We will start by working on the backstroke flutter kick. Following this, we move on to the body rotation during the backstroke, and the timing of the pull. Finally, we will work on your body positioning and putting it all together.

Level: novice, intermediate, advanced, and pro

online personal feedback SWIMMING ANALYSIS

Wondering how to improve your swimming? Upload your video recordings and let a professional coach analyse your technique. This includes a personalised video feedback, coach tips and suggested video drills. 

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testimonial - David Holscher

Improved my technique significantly

Specifically through the coach tips and video skills and drills, I have improved my technique significantly and enjoy a much smoother glide. The training sets provide a great opportunity to bring the improvement in skill directly into action. Plain old great!

David Holscher

Advanced swimmer
testimonial - Mirte Forrer


The technical drills provided by SwimGym are focused on improving my swimming. It has helped me get better with not only freestyle, but also backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly. The drills are most enjoyable. Learning different skills makes it easy to apply these in my swimming. 

Mirte Forrer

Intermediate swimmer


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