This week at swimgym Speed & Strength

This week is all about building strength by swimming fast over short distances. Sprinting should feel uncomfortable at some point, therefore you need to push your limits every time you push off the wall. But remember: quality over quantity!

Below you can find our selection of dryland workouts, all tailored to improving your swimming. To get you stronger, more flexible and improve your core strength, all in order to help you become a faster swimmer. Give them a try and discover the impact strength training has on your performance ...

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Skills & drills Hinge

The hinge drill lets you practice the catch phase of the freestyle without pulling through. You can focus on the positioning of your hand and forearm only. Use a snorkel to isolate the movement. Fins are optional.

How to do it 

  • Start kicking with both arms stretched out in front of you, hands are shoulder width apart

  • Bend your elbow and bring the hand under your elbow with your fingertips pointing down. There should be a 90 degree angle in your elbow

  • Without moving your elbow bring your hand back forward

  • Repeat with the other arm

Focus points 

  • Focus on the position elbow and hand, not on the propulsion

  • Kick and breathe easily, keep a neutral head position

  • Control the execution of the drill – don’t rush it

Coach tip

This drill requires a lot of repetition. Alternate with swimming freestyle with a snorkel, focussing solely on bending the elbow to get that catch position before pulling through. Eventually you should feel an increased feel for the water in your catch.


snorkel, fins


"You get what you work for". Don't be easy on yourself. Show some grit during workouts where you will work on strength or speed. Always focus on your technique, maintain your stroke length and apply the power!

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