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Isn’t that what every swimmer wants? Of course it is. However, if you want to swim faster with less effort, you should not start working on your stroke technique or stroke efficiency first. No, you should start with working on your body positioning in the water first. Also known as &rsqu...

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Skills & drills Streamline Flutter Kick

The streamline kick helps you focus on keeping your core engaged while kicking. Kick on your stomach with your arms in a streamline in front of you. The rapid movement of your kick can cause instability in your upper body, which causes resistance and loss of power.

How to do it 

  • Use a snorkel and start kicking in a streamline position

  • Place your hands on top of each other, lock your head in between your arms and engage your core by pulling in your belly button

  • Stretch out your upper body as much as possible

  • Look straight down the bottom of the pool and start to kick

Focus points 

  • Stretch your upper body while kicking and pull in your belly button to engage your core

  • Keep your shoulder still and face down during the kick

  • Breathe easily through the snorkel

Coach tip

The streamline kick is a basic drill that helps you to maintain your streamline while swimming. Put on fins to speed things up and alternate this drill with swimming freestyle.




Mixing strokes in your training routine really improves your overall strength, stamina and body coordination. Swim individual medley on the easiest pace possible and you still boost your heart rate. Can't swim other strokes yet? Check out our video technique courses of butterfly, breaststroke and backstroke.

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Since water is around 800 times denser than air, your body position should be as high and horizontal as possible in the water to reduce your resistance. Some most asked questions are why our bodies or legs sink in the water? How can you improve your body position? We’ve got the answers for you.  

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