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If the forces on a swimmer are so low, as everyone knows, why do swimmers regularly get shoulder pains, or what is also known as a ‘swimmer’s shoulder’? To achieve an injury-free swimming life, there are some key elements we need to talk about. Let's dive in and get to th...

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Skills & drills Fingertip Drag

This drill forces you to rotate and keep a high elbow during the recovery phase of your stroke. During the fingertip drag you swim a regular freestyle but you drag the tips of your fingers through the water. This drill helps you relax your forearms and hands during the recovery phase. 

How to do it 

  • Swim freestyle at an easy pace

  • As soon as your hand exits the water, rotate in and drive the elbow up first 

  • Drag your fingertips lightly through the water, along the side of your body

  • Let your elbow lead the way and drag all the way to the front of your stroke

  • Enter the water smoothly and repeat this with your other arm  

Focus points 

  • Let your forearm be as relaxed as possible, let the elbow drive your hand forward

  • Feel the water with the tips of your fingers, without causing too much drag

  • Balanced body in the water and maintain a strong kick while performing this drill

Coach tip 

This drill incorporates good body rotation, high elbow recovery and a relaxed forearm which makes your freestyle much smoother. You can easily practice this drill during an easy endurance set. You’ll be working both your technique and your stamina at the same time.





Don't rush the Fingertip Drag drill and keep a good focus. This drill will help you improve your recovery and keep control over your movements in the water. After doing the drill, apply the same feeling during your freestyle swim. Your elbow should be leading your recovery.

More coach tips?

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The elbow leads the recovery and the fingertips lead the hand entry. Make this a consistent reality and see your swimming improve dramatically. Read on and get a head start on this delightful theme. 

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