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Invest time to improve your kick and you will thank us later! This week we have scheduled a variation of kicking drills and sets, so you will never get bored. Struggling with kicking? Then get yourself a pair of fins to get yourself going. But....don't get too attached to those fins, or you will never learn ;-)

The fastest swimmers in the world don't reach the top by coincidence. They train hard and embrace lifestyle habits that promote excellence. By prioritizing their sleep, nutrition, training and recovery they create the right circumstances to become the best of their generation. Let’s ...

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Skills & drills Breaststroke Streamline Kick (on back)

This drill allows you to focus on keeping your knees underwater, while reducing your resistance at the same time. In streamline on your back, start kicking breaststroke. 

How to do it 

  • Kick breaststroke while in streamline on your back

  • Drive your heels to your butt, keeping your knees just under the surface and your hips up

  • Turn your feet out and kick the water strongly to the back

  • Press your legs against each other, pushing the water out

Focus points 

  • Drive your heels to your hips and keep your knees in line with your hips

  • Keep your knees together as much as possible

  • Keep your chin and chest up to maintain good body position

Coach tip

Alternate this drill with swimming breaststroke. Try to drive your heels up to your butt while pushing your hips down at the same time. This will reduce your drag in the water. While reducing drag, your speed will increase. 




Today there is a lot off emphasis on the kick. Kick from the hips during the freestyle, instead of bending the knees too much, which isn’t as efficient. Loosen the ankles and keep the toes pointing backwards.

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