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Timing is really important in freestyle and determines the continuity of the stroke. Bad timing means there is a misfire in your stroke, stopping and starting the forward momentum. Of course, this is not what we want. We want to transition into each arm stroke as smoothly as pos...

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Skills & drills Switch Drill

This drill allows you to fully focus on your timing since you can visually see when your arm is coming back. During the switch drill your recovery phase is underwater. You pull, and at the same time your other arm comes back under water. 

How to do it 

  • Kick on your stomach with both arms in front

  • Pull through with one arm. Bring it back under water

  • Once the hand is exactly under your face, the other arm starts the pull-through

  • Continue this cycle

Focus points 

  • By using a snorkel, watch closely when your hand is in front of your face

  • Only then you start your catch with the other arm

  • Repeat this movement until the rhythm feels natural to you

Coach tip

Alternate this drill with the shoulder tap drill. This helps you change your timing of your pull and start gliding through the water much easier. 


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The right timing helps you to get the most out of every stroke. The Switch Drill lets you feel what the right timing of every pull-through is. The faster you swim, the higher your stroke rate and therefor the faster your timing.

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