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It’s cold and dark outside. You are struggling to get out of bed and go to the pool. You just put your head back on the pillow and tell yourself tomorrow is another day. Have you wondered how the best athletes stay motivated? It might be because they approach swimming as a teamsport. Swi...

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Skills & drills Deadman Sink

This drill helps you find your centre of balance in the water and helps you breathe out underwater. It is a drill to understand your buoyancy and how your lungs play a big part in this. Lay on your stomach with your face down in the water and your arms and legs stretched out a little. Float on the surface, and then start exhaling. Sink towards the bottom of the pool. 

How to do it 

  • Make sure you have enough space in your lane 

  • Lay face down in the water with your arms and legs stretched out in a star-fish like position 

  • Hold your breath until you have found the right body positioning and then exhale continuously until there’s no more air in your lungs

  • You will sink. Once you have reached the bottom of the pool, come up to the surface

Focus points 

  • Breathe out constantly and a lot. Relax your body and surrender to the sinking feeling

  • Keep your body balanced and horizontal in the water

  • Don’t panic, try to stay relaxed while sinking. Enjoy the fall

Coach tip

By doing this drill, you will find your balance point between floating and sinking by releasing air out of your lungs. It is also a great drill to learn how to relax under water. These drills go back to the basics of swimming, which is breathing out underwater and controlling buoyancy and gravity in the water.




This is our Halloween workout! We are going to trick or treat our way through this swim practice. Swimmers love and struggle with different things, so some of this might be lovely treats, but some of it will be horrible tricks. Go with the flow, and let’s get spooky!

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Back in the day swimmers never laid eyes on strength training. They were taught that strength training would make them bulky, slowing them down significantly. Nowadays we know this is not the case. Strength and power seem necessary for a successful swimming performance. And this is not just for sprinters, long distance swimmers also benefit from it. If you want to know why and how to invest in a strength training, please tag along. 

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