Do you want to improve your swimming technique in just one day? Now is your chance! Saturday, June 8th 2024, a brand new Training Day is on the program in our Amsterdam pool. Have your technique analysed on video by our top coaches, learn everything about the freestyle technique in an English spoken masterclass and most importantly, share your passion for swimming with others. Read more and sign up now! 

Dive into the world of swimming
SwimGym Training Day is where we take a deeper dive into swimming and into your swimming technique. Our coaches will take you on a journey in a 90 minute masterclass (English spoken) where they explain the science behind swimming and the fundamentals, essentials and tactics of freestyle swimming. Videos of the most important swimming skills are explained to you and you have the chance to ask any question. Warning! With this new acquired knowledge, swimming will never be the same again.

Two swim sessions, one goal
After the masterclass, it’s time to put your knowledge into practice. You will dive into the pool for a video recording of your stroke in the first swim session. Your stroke will be recorded from four different angles, both above and below the surface. In the second session, after the personal video feedback, you will learn drills and exercises that will benefit your swimming performance. You will be training like a pro for the whole day.

Video analysis and a personal plan
Your video recordings will be analysed and you will receive personal feedback of your swimming technique. You witness what goes right and what needs improvement and we will explain you how you can improve you swimming even further. The videos will be sent to you afterwards by email so you can study your swimming even more at home, together with a free trial of our online training platform www.swimgym.com. Here you can watch all our technique tutorials and follow the right training plan to practice at home. It is a very effective way to make a plan and improve faster. 

Share your love for swimming
During a healthy lunch you can share your love (or questions) of swimming and training with other participants and our coaches. Talking about swimming is almost as fun as doing it, right? We're closing Training Day with drinks to look back on what we have learned. 

Register now!
There are only a few spots available so register now and secure your Training Day on www.swimgym.nl/en/camps.

Date & Time
Saturday, June 8th
9:30am to 4:30pm

SwimGym Amsterdam (the Netherlands)

Number of participants
Maximum of 10 swimmers (2 coaches)

Required swimming level
You have to be able to swim freestyle comfortably for 200 meters non-stop (no speed limits)

The Masterclass is English spoken, personal feedback and analysis is available in both Dutch and English.  

Registration & information


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